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Moments   in   Mass

On April 27th, we began our new series "Moments in Mass" where we show videos highlighting different sections of Mass and explaining them in ways that are fun and easy to understand. We premiere these videos in Mass on the weekend, and upload them to YouTube the next week for everyone to see! Keep checking this page, as well as our YouTube Channel to see the rest of the videos in our series right up until June 2nd, which is when the children of our Sacrament Program will celebrate First Eucharist. The very last video will be shown that Sunday, which will be about The Concluding Rite and will celebrate the children going fourth into the world having received the Body of Christ for the first time.

Episode 3: The Liturgy of the Word

Premiered May 11 & 12

Episode 2: The Gloria

Premiered May 4   & 5

Episode 1: The Entrance Procession

Premiered April 27  & 28

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